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Merry Christmas to all…and to all…Stay up until 2:00 no matter how much we threaten that Santa won’t come…

Wow…what an amazing year. So much has happened over the last couple of months, it’s been kinda overwhelming. But I’ll tell ya, I’ve made some amazing friends. I am so lucky to have met the most amazing women, who are truly good people, with beautiful hearts. I’m so blessed.

With the holidays coming up, I feel as though I should share some of the lessons I have learned over this last year. So, here goes:

1. You are never, ever to old to start living your dream. Remember that. When something calls to your soul, you have been given a gift. Follow it. So many people have a gift, a talent, something that they love to do. Don’t be afraid to explore that gift. Life’s too short. And you don’t want to end up one day regretting that you didn’t follow your heart.

2. Surround yourself with good people. Don’t let negative, mean, nasty people bring you down. Keep those around you who will support you, protect you, love you, and believe in you. And do the same for them. Those relationships will get your through the hardest times in your life. Hold onto to them.

3. Establish priorities. This one has been very difficult for me. I have found myself stretched extremely thin this year, juggling a full-time job, trying to be a good mother and wife, writing and promoting a book, keeping my house clean-or not so clean. There is so much I feel I need to do. I have broken down in tears, knowing that something will have to give. And I know this year will be full of difficult choices. But I refuse to let my family fall on my priority list. I won’t let it happen. And neither should you. Remember, family first. Always.

4. LET YOUR HUSBAND HELP!!!! This one is the MOST problematic for me. I am a control freak. Yes, I know. Who knew. But I am. And I find myself frustrated with my husband because he can’t read my mind. I totally love the line from The Break-up. The one where she says, “I want you to want to do the dishes.” I think every woman who has seen that movie knows what she meant. But unfortunately, men just don’t get it. Seriously. No man understands that line. I have learned this last year instead of being angry that my husband doesn’t get that things need to be done…that I walk into the house and want to turn my ass right back around because I am so overwhelmed…I just need to let him help. I would be so upset with him when he didn’t take intiative and just help. But after 10 years, I have finally figured out that I just need to tell him what is bothering me and let him take care of it. Instead of doing it myself and being mad at him that he didn’t know it needed to be done. I think a lot of women struggle with this. We HAVE to let them help, and unfortunately, that means sometimes we have to tell them what we want. Eh, they’re men. They always need us to tell them what to do.

5. Take time for yourself. Every woman who manages a household burns out. Women that work, women that stay home, all of them. Make sure to take time for yourself to recharge. You need it. Your kids need it. Your husband needs it. So take it. It works wonders.

Well…that’s it for now. I hope some of you can relate to what I have written today.


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Teaser Alert!

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Get over here and entertain me, damn it.”

“Will do. I’ll be there in ten. Wear something comfortable,” he adds mysteriously and hangs up.

Jeez – if this were a real live date I’d be pissed. No wonder he doesn’t date anyone. Ten minutes to get ready. Seriously?

I jump up out of my seat, catching it before it falls backwards onto the kitchen floor, and make a mad dash to the bedroom. I throw on my yoga pants, the ones that make my ass look good, not that it matters, my favorite purple tank top which reads “National Sarcasm Society: Like We Need Your Support”, Harlow and I made it together, and my black blinged out flip flops, because every woman needs a little bling every now and then. I brush out my hair and put it in a ponytail, ahh…how I’ve missed you ponytail, and throw on my NY Yankees baseball hat. I add a bit of mascara and some lip gloss to my face and poof…I’m done. Giving myself a last appraisal in mirror, I’m satisfied with the outcome of my appearance.

Ha! Take that Blake Morgan with your ten minute ready requirement.

Walking into the living room, I hear the rumble of his motorcycle coming up my driveway. I open the door and watch him get off his bike. He removes his sunglasses and shakes out his windblown hair, which of course looks sexy as hell. The ends of his hair turn up around his ears and fall to the collar of his very well fitting v-neck black t-shirt. His blue jeans, frayed at the bottom, just barely drag the ground over his black boots.


He turns around to take the keys out of his ignition and my breath hitches as I drop my glance and note (privately of course) that his bottom looks very nice in those jeans. Very nice indeed. Turning around to face me, he gives me a sexy lop-sided grin while he tucks the sunglasses into the front of his shirt so they hang from the “V” and runs his hand through his hair.

I try to swallow, but my throat is really dry…probably because I have been watching him with my mouth wide open. I immediately start to cough.

“You okay, Alex?” he asks with a knowing smile.

“Yeah,” I say, trying to breathe through my coughing attack. “I think I swallowed a gnat. Gross. I’m gonna go get some water. Come on in.” I whip around and head into the house as fast as I can so he won’t be able to see that my face has turned a new shade of red. So embarrassing.


Dirt and Tiny Toys

So, I decided to clean a little on this lovely Friday night while my wonderful husband took the kiddos away for a while.  I also decided to take a break 2 minutes in to discuss a couple of things…quite possibly because I’m extremely unmotivated to clean. LOL! And this is why…

Dirt.  Dust.  What the hell and where does it come from?!??!? I don’t get it.  I just dusted on Wednesday and there is a layer so thick on my entertainment center I can write my name.  And I did.  Twice.   Just for the fun of it.

I just swept, but evidently there are little dirt elves that run around my house at night while I’m peacefully sleeping placing unnoticeable amounts of dirt all over my floor.  Because I don’t see it at all.  But when I sweep, there is a mound of debris as tall as I am once I’m finished.  Okay, not really. But still…I find this very frustrating.  

Okay…so I have swept and dusted. Check.  Then I enter my bedroom.

 My children are human tornadoes.  Literally.  I can leave them alone for five seconds in there and the room…completely demolished. So much so, that I’m considering hiring them out as a demolition team.  And I should, because they are freaking expensive and I’m keeping a tab.  Anyway…back to the room…

It’s quite ridiculous.  I leave them alone, to play, and I smile as I’m in the other room…listening to them giggle and have fun.  I think, “Ohhhhh, it’s so nice.  They’re all getting along for a change. I love that.”  Okay…I’m an IDIOT.  Because when I walk into the room, I figure out they aren’t laughing because they’re bonding, or because they have discovered a new found love for each other…no….they are laughing because they have completely torn the room apart.  Stuffed animals on the ceiling fan, pillows used to make forts, blankets used for zig lines, popcorn ALL over the floor because my middle child shoves it in her mouth like she hasn’t eaten in a decade (she’s 7 by the way)…all of this is the source of their happiness.  I walk into the room and I can only say one thing…”Why?”  Why?  I don’t understand.  When I ask them who did it, all I get are batting eyelashes and innocent smiles.  Seriously considering a nanny cam. But why clean it then, I’ll leave it for Friday night…

While cleaning up popcorn from the floor, I notice something else.  Tiny toys.  Everywhere.  Tiny “Victorious” microphone, tiny rabbit dude from “The Rise Of The Guardians”…whose bow and arrow thingy doesn’t work, because I tried it out. Tiny little Polly Pockets that I REALLY hate because the clothes are virtually impossible to get on, tiny Green Lantern guys because the high school empolyee at McDonald’s doesn’t hear me when I tell him I have GIRLS at the drive-thru…which is unfortunate because then I have to listen to them cry the WHOLE WAY HOME because they wanted the tiny My Little Ponies.  But they keep them anyway… 

Yeah, a bunch of tiny tiny toys that serve only one purpose.  I really think my children strategically place them so I have no choice but to step on them in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom.  But when I step on them, do I actually pick them up?  No.  I curse them and then kick them to the side…only to step on them again when I’m coming back from the bathroom.  I hate them.  And I kinda hate happy meals. 

Anyway…this is my little rant for the evening.  I hope at least someone found it humorous…because then I can feel better about the dirt and tiny toys that seem to have taken over my house!   






Running on Empty – How and Why

I wanted to post a little something for my future readers regarding the how and why Running on Empty came to fruitition.

Running on Empty.  Wow.  Where do I even begin?

I am a mother of three adorable little girls.  This is where it really started.  I have so many ridiculous stories about these children.  They make me laugh continuously.  Never a dull moment.  I am constantly telling stories about them and laughing.  It was suggested to me that I should write them down.  So I did.  And when I did, I found myself writing a beautiful love story.

Running on Empty is not a true story, but more of a story of what I would like to see happen to someone who had children and suddenly found themselves in a position of being a single mother.  It’s really what I would like to see happen for that person who experienced so much heartache and devastation.

The situations that Alex finds herself in as a result of her children, yeah, they happened to me.  First scene of the book, happened to me. Almost everything in the first chapter happened to me.  Actually, pretty much everything in the book that revolves around the children is true.  Whether it be their personalities, their actions, the conversations…all true.  I love my girls more than anything.  And I really wanted them to have a piece of their childhood to remember.  So I wrote the book really for them and I figure if I have readers that enjoy the story, then that’s just a big cherry on top of everything else.

Another thing that I hold very dear to my heart is friendship.  I love my friends.  All of them.  Enter Harlow.  Harlow is Alex’s best friend.  She is hilarious and outspoken.  But there is a very tender aspect to Harlow.  She is Alex’s rock.  Always looking out for her.  And I love that.  I really believe that you should hold your friends very close to your heart, because true friends will get you through the darkest parts of your life, and probably make you smile in the process.  That is the very definition of Harlow…and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Blake…Oooooooh my Blake.  Blake has tough exterior.  But he also has a very sweet side. His interactions with Alex’s girls…well, they will make your heart melt.  I love him. A little too much probably…especially if you ask my husband.  😉  He was Alex’s best friend growing up.  And I love their chemistry. I hope you do as well.

Alex.  Wow.  There is so much in Alex’s character that is me.  That is probably why I love her so much. LOL! She is tough. I mean, she’s a single mother of three little girls, she has to be.  And her heartache causes her to safeguard herself.  Maybe a little too much for her own good.  But I think a lot of people will relate to her…or I hope so. She is definitely the type to over think things.  And that is very evident in the book. A lot of hilarious inner monologue.

As I said earlier, I started to write this book for my babies.  But as it developed, it completely took over my thoughts and I became slightly obessed with the story.  I would be “listening” to someone talking to me…but not really…because the whole time I would be thinking…how is this conversation between Blake and Alex going to happen?  How is such and such going to lead to this part?  It was ridiculous!!!! It literally took over my brain from the moment I started writing until I finished the last chapter.

I get it now. I get what it means when writers say that there is just a something in their soul that needs to get out.  I understand that now.  And my soul spilled ALL over into this story.

I really hope that you enjoy Running on Empty when you read it.  I hope that you can relate to the characters.  To all of the aspects of the story.  Love.  Friendship. Motherhood. Sadness. Fears. Happiness.  They’re all there.  And I hope, as you read, it touches your heart the way it touched mine when I wrote it.

Thank  you all for your support and belief in my book.  I LOVE these characters.  I would make them real people if I could just to hang out with them.  Especially Blake.  LOL!

Well…that’s it for now.  I hope you guys all stay tuned for the release. Remember…January 9, 2013 is the big day.  I have the cover.  Writing blurb this weekend for the back and then I can reveal.  🙂

❤ you all and thank you so much for taking chance on an indie author.  I hope to do you proud.