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Sexy Teaser – Unedited Enjoy!

Well, Recovery has been completed, and will go into editing soon.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I love the conclusion to their story, and I pray that I did Alex and Blake justice for those of you who love them as much as I do.  It is a sweet, yet intense follow up novella…with Alex’s zany inner monologue and the girls’ crazy antics all still featured in the story.  There is, of course, Dreamy McSwoony Blake, and the introduction of Tatum and Noah into the storyline, as they will be the focus in Running in Place.

So, just because I love you, I wanted to share a little sexy snippet from the book.  So – read on and enjoy!


As soon as I turn to lead us towards the lake, I’m suddenly whipped around and, as my body crashes into Blake’s, he wraps his arm around my back. Dipping me back gently, he brings his face to mine. My eyes once again find his perfect mouth; my lips immediately parting to give him entry. He ploughs right through them, and when I feel the warmth of his tongue I let out a moan. Holding onto the lapels of his jacket, I pull him towards me and raise my body until my chest is flush with his, while my tongue enters his mouth on a massive exploring expedition, claiming every single inch as my own. When I hear him groan, I figure it’s time to stop, because I can feel his excitement and it brings back to my memory that we really need to discuss the mandatory one-hundred yard policy during the nuptials.
He brings me back to standing position and ends the kiss with a light, feathery soft peck to my lips. “Wow,” I sigh, still trying to catch my breath.
Blake chuckles and raises his hand to move one of the curled sections of my hair off of my face. I reach back to make sure my bun in still intact, and it’s still holding strong. Not that I’m surprised. Harlow put the whole package of bobby pins in the thing.
After a few seconds of gathering ourselves, Blake offers his arm and I loop mine through, hugging his massive shoulder as we walk together towards where everyone is gathering.
“Last chance to back out,” I say smiling up at him as we get closer.
“Nah,” he simply says. “I’ve been waiting to call you mine my whole life. And tonight, I plan on showing you just how mine you are.” The air is sucked out of my lungs as I come to a standstill. He says nothing else. He just leans over, giving me a lingering kiss on the neck before leaving me on my own to practically orgasm in front of our family and friends. I can hear him laughing as he walks away, and a grin breaks across my face.

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Updates and a SMALL TEASER

WOW! What an amazing journey I have had over the last couple of months with the release of my first book, Running on Empty. The feedback was amazing, and as it still rolls in, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have taken the time to let me know that you read and enjoyed the book! I love hearing from each and every one of you! I can’t say that enough. 🙂 I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Okay, so what’s in store for Ms. LB Simmons????? Here’s the plan. I am currently working on Recovery, which will be Alex’s and Blake’s novella. There is a lot in store for them and I’m excited to share it with you. It will also serve as an introduction of Tatum and Noah into the storyline. For those of you who don’t know, Tatum is Trace’s little sister. Here’s a little intro to them:


Now, even though the story will have different main characters, ALL the characters from RoE will be in the book and you will see how their lives progress. 🙂 Next, will come the long awaited story for HARLOW and TRACE…and most likely will be the end of the series. That’s the TENTATIVE PLAN!

So, without further ado…here is a small snippet from Recovery! Thank you all again for your support!!!!! You’ve given me the courage to keep writing and hopefully bring you even more stories! I hope to do you proud!!!!!!

**************************TEASER ALERT**********************************************

I brace myself against the car, willing my brain to get the “This ride is closed” message to the guy running the tilt-a-whirl in my stomach. A light breeze blows and I immediately wince in preparation for my next intake of air. But as soon as hits and I breathe it in, my body immediately relaxes. The blood pooling in my stomach is redistributed to the rest of my body. My jaw unclenches. Tilt-a-whirl guy evidently took a break.

I know that smell. The scent is unmistakable.

Leather and soap.

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